I will remember the day of October 27th, 2019 as a special one. First of all, I got exciting news from my wife which will impact our future for a long long time. It slowly sinks in with me, I'm happy.

On another note, we (Denis and me) did a crazy swim in the ocean with 11 degrees outside temperature. I was seriously contemplating to botch the whole idea as I’m generally very susceptible to swimming in low-temperature water especially without a wetsuit. It ended up as a great experience, I even have a short video of it. Although it was definitely uncomfortable in the water, I managed to get out before my mind started to scream about ice water. It was great to absorb the change of the mood in the small audience we gathered: from "you are crazy guys" to "wow you’ve made it, congratulations".
Sometimes those random acts of insanity make our lives less boring and more memorable.